Its  not easy to creating a website that works. A great website design is important to any business trying to find success online. A website can’t simply succeed by excelling in limited aspect such as design and content, It need to design that feed into to website user experience,functionality and appropriately complements your contents. Your website also need completely communicate with audience what you do,how you do it and who you do it for.

Here are four ways to improve your web design.


Don’t just start designing your website.To ensure your website effectively meeting the needs of your visitors you to identify your buyer journey from the first time they visit website until the moment they become  your customer. You want to design the next step,not the final steps. Its all about answering the right questions in the right order. Take what you already know about the customer about how they when from visitors to customers.

2. Use the Right images

Not every image is going to fit with the type of message you trying to show to your audience. Stock photo are great for a lots of things. There are lots of source from high quality stock image.  This will aid in bringing more realism to your brand and making sure the images match who you are and what your content is explaining.

3.Mobile Optimization

Don’t forget to optimizing your site for mobile. Nowadays,80% internet users own smartphone and googles says 61% of users are unlikely return a mobile website they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead.It’s a necessity to tailor your site to fit the needs and wants of your visitors. You might want to ask yourself, why would someone access my site on mobile?.

4.Include social share and button.

Having a good contents and offers only go so far if aren’t  giving your users opportunity to share what you have. If your website lack social share button, you could be missing out a lots of  social media traffic that generate from people already reading your blog. Social sharing buttons can help create a presence on social media platforms as well as providing other benefits for your brand. Its maybe sounds new to you, social sharing button are the small button that area around the top or bottom blog posts.They contain icons of different social media website and allow you to share the page directly on the social media channel of your choice.

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