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Next Generation WordPress Managed Dedicated Hosting

Fast, secure, and fully dedicated web hosting.

4 Simple Pricing

Every Plan Includes:

Developer Friendly

phpMyAdmin & WP-CLI / No Read/Write IOP File Limits / Self-Healing Architecture (Automated monitoring to restart or rebuild server resources) / One-Click Staging / SFTP or SSH

Ultra Fast

Dedicated IP / Object Cache / IPv6 / Static Server Cache (fastCGI) / Optimized for WordPress (built on a powerful LEMP stack)

Ultra Secure

Nightly (daily) backups / Web Application Firewall (WAF) / Uptime Guarantee 99%

Multiple Locations

45-Point CDN / 10 Choice of Data Centers (US, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, India and Singapore)

Built-in Analytics

See your sites' live stats, visits, storage, bandwidth, and email activity in one easy place / Activity & Access Logs (Check and download error, slow, and access logs)

Disaster-Proof Backups

Nightly automatic backups, lightning-fast restores, secure offsite AWS storage, and advanced ZFS file system technology

Free Email Accounts

10 professional and free hosted email accounts. Easily connect to your favorite email providers, or use unlimited email forwarders

All-in-one Dashboard

Move over cPanel, manage every aspect of your hosting (files, database, emails, DNS, SSH/SFTP, and more) from our sleek hosting interface

10 Worldwide Servers & 45-Point CDN

Choose from 18 data centers around the world and host nearest to your audience for maximum speed. Serve your images and assets from our blazing-fast, 124-point CDN.


Backed by the best 

Reliable and affordable WordPress hosting powered by DigitalOcean and Linode. Remote backups managed offsite by AWS for double-layered protection.

Host Without Risk, Trusted by Community

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s funny that we have to answer both of these questions all the time! Compared to shared hosting (stuffing hundreds of websites onto one server) we are somewhat expensive, BUT compared to other managed and dedicated hosts we are incredibly affordable!

This is because we are leveraging cutting-edge technology (DigitalOcean and Linode are our hosting partners) and charging an absolute minimal markup on those for our additional services.

Indeed! Every site gets a free SSL cert from Let’s Encrypt. We also offer free Wildcard SSL for Multisite subdomains, which is automatically set up and configured for you.

Yes! We include, at no extra cost, a range of email solutions – from unlimited email forwarding (so you can forward name@domain.com to whatever Gmail account you like and then ‘send as’ from that account) and also email at your actual domain that you can log into and send from using Outlook, Apple Mail, or whatever client you’d like.

We don’t currently offer a way to buy domains, but watch this space! In the near future you’ll be able search for and purchase a domain, which will be automatically mapped to your hosting setup.

We don’t impose any IOP filesystem limits as it’s not shared. Generally, you’re good to use as much as you can get. It’s simply based on what the underlying disk can handle.

Every site hosted with us gets its own dedicated droplet to maximize performance. That means none of your server resources are shared with any other sites! No need to worry about someone else’s site slowing yours down or even worse, taking it down.

Yes, we offer a fully functional, one-click staging environment, with all the features you need for safe testing and development. Quickly push changes between live and staging and reset in a click if required. Our staging is also super secure and password-protected to prevent abuse.