Simple 3 steps, 5 Minutes Application, and 99 Years Complimentary of Business Subscription, potentially included web design service from us!


Open to all businesses and even individuals, especially entities that yet have their own website before.

Once approved, you will get:

  • Lifetime (99 Years) Business Subscription, worth USD 9,801!
  • Basic web design service: We will help you to build up your website at least 2~5 pages and make sure all necessary information is up!

We always believe on “Be a Giver” as we believe what goes around comes around. Helping businesses to grow is our happiness. Eventually good outcome will bring good “word of mouth” and it will help us too. So why?

This might be a lots to ask but it’s essential to have your digital business strong!

We ask you to “pay” your full passion on digitize your business, we want you to “pay” your full commitment on making your online presence as good as possible, we also want you to “pay” your full collaboration as we will going to promote your business under our CSR program portfolio too where we will use your company logo to showcase our masterpiece, indirectly promoting your business too!

You’re the reason why your business and your entity is running. Hence you need to share with us your materials especially your products/services as much as possible, so that we can help you in anyway!

As per soft launch since Dec 2019, we allocated 100 slots only. And we had received more than 100 applications but it is subject to approval from the board of Jagole. It’s hard but we have to reserved the slot for the one that needed more.