Guided 21 days transformation programme, along with selected 100 elites to learn from each other

Track your own progress, and also your business digitization progress. Numbers will prove.

Graduated in mastering your digital tools in handling your business.

Business Digitization Transformation Programme

Brought to you by Jagole Group and Jagole Edu, together with myWinet,, MDCC. A full transformation programme, from digital tips & tricks, to business model generation, ultimately bring your business to another success story, thriving through the COVID19 critical time.

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What You Get


100 Elites that come from different background and no direct competition, we’re going to help each other.

Passive Income

Learn how to capture loyalty customers and generate passive income at the same time; Worry-less cash flow!

Straightforward Method

It’s practical and close to zero-learning-curve method. Performance proven and result guarantee.

Affiliation Power

Learn how to build & utilize Affiliation Program and power to automate your income stream.

Study Your Data

Learn how to study your digital assets data and know how to improve scientifically.

Skyrocket Your Business!

No Joke. You set a goal at the beginning and 21 days you will see BIG DIFFERENCE!

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Is it free?

Yes. Totally free, no hidden fees.

Trainer’s philosophy is “Be Giver, Not Taker”. We believe in giving is the best work of life and the fundamental of happiness. Besides, knowledge should be free, especially there’s no cost but the time invested from the team, as well as the commitment from the trainer – Mr. Jay Chong Yen Jye

Business Digitization Transformation Programme (BDTP) is aim for individuals or startups (or even SMEs) that keen to digitize their business, especially in this covid19 critical time.

  1. Selected Elite Community – Learn from other’s industry player, or probably building collaboration.
  2. Up-to-Date Knowledge & Information – Learn how to choose the right tools for each problem or challenge
  3. Mastering Technique – know-how especially get your hands on to build something that is automate is the key, especially if you’re the founding member of your business idea

In the end of the programme, you shall be able:

  1. DIY & Update your own website (at least updating information, media like pictures or videos and/or rearrange your website layout); Most important there’s NO CODING needed and SUPER EASY.
  2. Plan and Implement digital marketing and sales (from funneling to close deal to affiliation)
  3. Automate majority of your business process
  4. Analyse your digital assets performance and know how to improve from time to time

21 days is the optimum habit transformation period that can shape your future and all the knowledge are specially design to be learn and master in 21 days too.

Everyday, you’re recommended to spare 21 minutes x 4 (total = 84 minutes; or approximately one hour and half) to take care of your digital assets (website, social media accounts, etc).

Part 1 = Review
Part 2 = Plan / Restrategise
Part 3 = Implementation
Part 4 = Testing & Launch

Each day you’re expected to learn/produce:

  1. New digital technique
  2. New digital asset (even a simple poster or article)
  3. New traffic/sales

Jagole will wish to see all participants leverage Jagole Cloud to automate their business and it’s optional to all participants whether to utilize Jagole Cloud Business Subscription which cost you only about 28 sens (USD) per day only.

Ultimately we’re not thirsty with the subscription, we’re eager to see success story from individuals/start-ups as we believe “Be Giver, Not Taker”.

As our trainer will have interactive activities and consultation with each participant, to optimize the resources and also to make sure the HIGH success rate, we can’t entertain more than 100 at the moment.