Any business that operates a website should take times to draft and set terms and conditions that will govern the relationship between end-users and subject website operators in connection in the websites and its various offerings. Website Terms and Conditions are essential in, among other things, establishing the ownership rights of the website operator in and to the applicable content and offerings featured on the website, limiting the liability of the website operator in connection with the website and its content/offerings, establishing payment terms (if any) and setting forth the terms for dispute resolution.

1.Own Your content

You are the owner of your websites,owner of your logo, content, the design of your website and so on. In terms and conditions, You can informs users that you are the owner of the such content and the content is own protected by internationals copyrights laws.

2. Limit Liability.

Terms and Conditions agreements commonly include a warranty disclaimer that tries to limit the website owner’s liability in cases where errors are found in the content presented on the website.This kind of clause notifies users that the owner can’t be held responsible for any errors in the content presented, or for the information provided being accurate, complete, or suitable for any purpose.

3.Prevent Abuse

Terms and conditions acts as a legally binding contract between you and your users. This is the agreements to set the rules that users must agree and follow in order to access your website mobile apps and so on.In this agreements you can include the necessary sections to inform users of the guidelines of using your websites or mobile apps,what happens if users abusing your websites or mobile apps and so on.

Some examples of actions of abusive users can include: spamming other users, posting defamatory content, stealing content, along with many other abuses.

Also, if your website or mobile app hosts content that is generated by users, you can include a section in your Terms and Conditions to inform users that harmful language won’t be tolerated, as well as spamming other users. All of these can result in having those users who are found abusing your website temporarily banned.


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