This book is about Technology Simplicity

The combination of the art of simplicity and technological tools ultimately digitizes business operations.
This book is about my journey for the past 10 years. I took the first step in entrepreneurship by creating the Typo Auto Corrector (a.k.a SecondKey) that introduced auto-correction into the Windows
(Microsoft) operating system and most of its supporting applications. From there, I started different projects to help businesses in different industries — travel, real estate development, service providers,
media publishing, and more — digitize their services.

I believe that when we maximize the tools we use and achieve automated processes, we save a lot of time. We don’t have to repeat tasks and deal with human errors as often as we used to. In my experience, to automate and digitize your business processes, you must make sure that your current infrastructure can adapt to different situations. Otherwise, your automation efforts can go wrong and meet with hiccups — this is why typical business process fine-tuning usually takes a year or more to succeed.