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[Handbook] Complete Guidelines to Choose the Right Agency

This handbook will help you through your journey of choosing the RIGHT (WEB) Agency. Though intended to be used as a reference from the beginning, if you are mid-way already, you can also use it to double-check your requirement and work closely with your selected agency. It’s very important to be transparent on the strenght […]

WordPress Security Handbook

WordPress security shouldn’t be complicated and we believe all WordPress websites shall have fundamental security measures and practices. The ugly truth is, due to most WordPress websites being built focusing on content or lack of knowledge from freelancers, MOST WordPress website security is close to zero defense. This handbook is crafted and hopefully can change […]

Technology Simplicity (by Founder Mr. Jay Chong)

This book is about Technology Simplicity—The combination of the art of simplicity and technological tools ultimately digitizes business operations.This book is about my journey for the past 10 years. I took the first step in entrepreneurship by creating the Typo Auto Corrector (a.k.a SecondKey) that introduced auto-correction into the Windows(Microsoft) operating system and most of […]