11.11. Extra-Crazy Sale!

SALE! Uprising Jagole latest invention – ss88 (Shortener Simplicity) that powered more than 1,000 users, servicing more than 800,000+ clicks for just USD 10.10!!


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Pay $10.10

Pay USD 10.10 only to grab ss88 Enterprise Lifetime Plan


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Screenshot your social proof and submit form. That's the only eligibility we request from you.

Lifetime? $10.10 ONLY?

Yes! ss88.my Enterprise Plan original price USD 99.99/month (or 1099.99/year). If lifetime = 100 years (assuming the longest you can live in this world…..), suppose you need to pay USD 109,999 for 100 years of Enterprise Plan)

And now you only need to pay USD 10.10.



WHY??!! 🤔

How about I already signed up? Am I entitle? Is this a “scam”?! Why you want to “sponsor” so much and giveaway such a great tool like “bit.ly” for lifetime plan with such low price!? 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

Got question?

No. We are serious about our brand and we decided to giveaway a great promotion for existing (or new) user that love ss88 but all these while been asking us for great discount as they want so much more features (that’s the enterprise plan).

Yes, we have condition for you to eligible to redeem LIFETIME (x100 years) of ss88.my Enterprise Plan (highest plan and FULL features).

  1. [Eligibility #1] Like our  announcement’s post (either at Jagole or ss88 account, any channel)
  2. [Eligibility #2] Shoutout (share) our announcement post
  3. [Eligibility #3] Tag 10 FRIENDS in comment box
  4. [Eligibility #4] Make transaction via Stripe at: https://jagole.com/1010#pay
  5. [Eligibility #5] Screenshot of your tagging prove and send us proof via the form below: https://jagole.com/1010#submit
  6. [Eligibility #6] This promotion ONLY valid for first 100 customers! Stay tuned at our social media channels if the promotion is ended earlier. We will refund to you if you make transaction after 100th payment of the promotion.
  7. No refund will be given other than eligibility (refer [Eligibility #1 to #6] .

Register yourself FREE plan at https://ss88.my, then follow the steps as mention at (https://jagole.com/1010). Your account will be upgrade manually by our team within 48 hours after the sales ended.

Remember to use the same email address you registered at ss88.my when you submitting the form as proof,

As this promotion is rare hence we didn’t create the promotion plan that you can upgrade automatically but we will upgrade your account manually.

Use the same email address you used to registered at ss88.my to submit the proof; We will use your email address to do matching.

Refer https://ss88.my/pricing -> Enterprise Plan. You will get exactly the plan with special extended period (x100 years, which is until year 10, October 2121.

All the features are included as per the Enterprise Plan – FULL features of https://ss88.my.