Its 2019, people more spends more times in front of the screen, but some business still doesn’t have their own website.Like many small business owner you may believe your small business cannot benefits from having a websites. Having a website isn’t about selling your goods and product service, it’s also providing something of value to potential customers. Here a few reasons why you need a professional website for your business. 1.Saves Your Money. As a small business owner, especially the one who starting out, they always think they can’t afford a professional website.It might cost an initial start-up-fee to design and deploy a professional website, but having a website make it easier in the long term to promote and advertise. Compared with the costs of TV, Radio commercials, newspapers ad and print campaign, when you consider  the potential market you can reach with website,its very cost-effective way to promote your product and service. 2. Customers can be kept informed. Its is much easier to update information about your new product and services on your website than in a print materials. Its an effective way to letting your customer know your new products,upcoming events and special promotions or any new services you offer to your customers. 3. Saves Your Times. Providing information to customer about your product services takes times,whether through phones,face-to-face or in emails. With and online catalogue you can put all information about your product and services. Overall, it will result in the effective time management. 4. Improves customer services Maybe you sells Eco friendly product and would like to share how to reuse,refine and recycle. By adding FQA pages, by adding articles and uploading newsletters to answer all your customer questions you can keep up-to-date. Its a better way to provide them with value added services by sharing information on your website. 5. You Own and control your own website When you have your own website, you get to control exactly all information out there, when and how that information displayed for user. You also can make it unique or standard that you like. The greatest things about having a website is that is YOURS.    

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