After two years of research, a solid year of testing, and 6 months of perfect performance behind the scenes we are delighted to finally, officially, launch Jagole Enterprise Cloud!! 🧑‍🔧

We know that there are many WordPress hosting out there, especially those utilizing cPanel that you can even use to host Email right. But literary how many out there are WordPress-centric & dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting, made stunningly affordable

No shared hosting. No shared IPs. Completely isolated and separated from any other sites. Object caching by default, optimized for WordPress, and blazingly fast.

Like I said unless you’re prepared to unleash your inner Sysadmin you simply will not find anything even close to these specs out there (I dare ya, post them in the comments if you can). This is because we’re doing this pretty much at cost and based on the very latest Digital Ocean + Linode + AWS architecture (who are amazing, btw, 👋 guys <3). Your other hosts are either making too much of a margin or using (shared) architecture that’s too outdated – you won’t find that problem here.


Now, most hosts steer clear of emails beyond recommending G Suite or similar, which we like, but… it costs.

With JAGOLE ENTERPRISE CLOUD hosting you can simply forward your emails to any account (like Gmail) you want and then use that account to send as an alias… it’s amazing and free (included)!

Techy, techy cool stuff

Beyond everything else, there’s SSH, phpMyAdmin, and SFTP access. There are automated free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt. There is GIT, Composer, and NPM integration. There is a one-click staging environment. And you can choose, per site, to use data centers in multiple countries and regions too.

Yep you can choose on a per-site basis to host either in:

  • US – East Coast
  • US – West Coast
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom

And we’re adding new locations all the time.

Naturally, you get a dedicated IP, running IPv6 alongside WP-CLI with custom commands included. Oh, and we heard you like logs and analytics, so we’ve included completely comprehensive logs of every aspect of your hosting site alongside some really nifty server analytics that’ll tell you everything you need to know.

And covering all the bases, we’ve designed a new way to handle backups from the ground up — using ZFS file systems which allows you to make or schedule unlimited instant incremental snapshots of your site with no load or downtime. Restores are just as fast as we don’t need to unzip files or import databases.

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