How to setup my shop/store?

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Add and edit product at my site.

First, you need to upload or import your product to your shop. By doing this, go to your Dashboard and then click your Product.You can Add New, Import and Export your product here.

Click the “Add New,Import and Export” button at the top of the page. This will take you to the editor and all the settings for your Product.There are three types of product data and here how to setup it.

Create A Simple Product

Step 1 – Set your product name

Step 2 – Set your product description

Step 3 – Set your product data to “Simple Product”

Step 3 – Set your product price, inventory and shipping.

Step 4 –  Set Product Categories and Sub Categories  at “Category”

Step 5 –  Set your Product Tags at “Tags”

-After you set your product Category and Tag do not forget to set your product category at Product page too.

Step 6 –  Featured Image and Gallery

Step 7 – Publish

Create A Variable Product (with different sizes and colors)

Step 1 – Set your product data to “Variable Product”

Step 2 – Create Attributes, like Size, Color etc.

Attributes > Add custom product attribution

-Under name you can put Colour or size

-Under value set your colour (blue | Red| Pink) and size (S | M| Red )

-Tick both box.

Step 3 – Create Variations based on the attributes

Variations > Search for variation you just set > Go > Ok > Expand

-Set your product, price, image, stock and weight

Create A Grouped Product

Step 1 -Add new product > Set product name

-Do not write your product description

-Under Publish area > Catalog visibility > Edit > Tick Hidden > Publish > Set Price > Category

Step 2 – Set new product as a main page

Step 3 – Set your product data to “Group Product”

Step 4 – Click link product and select group product that you just set  at Step 1

Edit shop information such address, product, shipping, payment, email and other

Go to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Setting

Under setting, you can add and edit your shop information such address, product, shipping, payment, email and other. Under Order, you can check your order and your customer information.

The Shop Page

To edit your page shop,go to Customize > Shop (WooCommerce)


Create A Coupon Code

Go to your Dashboard > WooCommerce >Coupon > Create First Coupon

-Under General you can set your you can set your discount

-Under usage restriction, you can set which product use that coupon.

-At the set limit, you can set your shop limit too.