How to customize website with Jagole handcrafted theme.

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The theme determines the overall layout and design of your site. But Jagole themes don’t just change the look and feel of your site, they can also add new features such as a unique home page layout, interactive post sliders, and more :









To customize your website, go to your website name and then click Customize.

Through this sidebar, you can edit or style your header, widget, menu, font type, colour and more.

Style and edit Top Bar.

Customize > Header > Presets

Change Site logo & Site identity.

Customize > Header > Site logo & site identity

Change your website font style.

Customize > Style > typography

Style and edit Blog Page

Customize > Blog

Style and edit Shop Page

Customize > Shop

Change your website layout.

Customize > Layout

Style and setting footer and widget

Customize > Footer/widget