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Complete Checklist of MVP Development

This handbook will help you through your journey of building an MVP for your idea. Though intended to be used as a reference from the...

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WordPress Costing Handbook

WordPress itself is FREE. Why developer still charge me? Well, the following list and the rest of the pages will give you a better idea...

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CTO As A Service Handbook

Hiring In-House CTO is expensive and is one of the most demanding positions.To have a technology blueprint for your business or your whole organization/company, CTOaaS...

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WordPress Security Handbook

WordPress security shouldn’t be complicated and we believe all WordPress websites shall have fundamental security measures and practices. The ugly truth is, due to most...

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Technology Simplicity (by Founder Mr. Jay Chong)

This book is about Technology Simplicity—The combination of the art of simplicity and technological tools ultimately digitizes business operations.This book is about my journey for...

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